GrayMill's focus is on the equitable treatment of all students and positive instructional strategies which have been proven to increase student achievement. GrayMill is an independent educational consulting agency, designed to provide professional development services, conference speakers and technical assistance.
The primary focus of the agency is the national distribution of the GESA Programs which are highly successful educational equity research-based programs for teachers, parents and administrators.
The GESA Programs Are:
•Generating Expectations for Student Achievement for
   Teachers, K-12 (GESA); 
•Student Achievement Grounded in Equity (SAGE) for 
   Higher Education; 
•GESA for Parents; 
•GESA for Administrators.
GrayMill’s Focus

An Equitable Approach to Educational Excellence

Home of the GESA Educational Programs

Dolores A. Grayson, Ph.D., Director

Pamela R. Miller, MA Associate Director

Pamela R. Miller, MA Associate Director

Dolores A. Grayson, Ph.D., Director

GESA Programs show teachers:

  1. How expectations are shaped.

  2. What high expectations look like.

  3. Specific strategies they can use to promote high expectations for achievement.

GrayMill Consulting

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How do high expectations link to achievement?

Teachers relate differently with students for whom they have high expectations, resulting in increased achievement